SkyTelligence Overview

Aviation’s digital transformation begins with your innovation. From data sources to software algorithms, SkyTelligence empowers the development of your aviation applications and services to rapidly meet your most pressing business needs.

With easy to access and consume application programming interfaces and a full catalog of aviation data sources, the SkyTelligence web platform is the collaboration platform of choice for leading aviation companies.

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Do you have data or algorithms for others to consume? Contact us to become a SkyTelligence service provider. We will assist in setting up your APIs and establishing connections with your customers.

Are you building the latest application to meet emerging business needs but need access to the right data, at the right time, for the right purpose? Skytelligence offers a growing catalog of SmartSky and ecosystem sourced data. Explore available APIs or contact us for guidance to known sources.

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SkyTelligence the Possibilities

For support using the SkyTelligence APIs, please use the following links: